Have a Rug Or Wool Carpet?

Having a wool rug or carpet is high-class because they are great at sound proofing, warm and cozy. One of the best things about wool rugs or carpets is they won’t generate static like synthetic carpets.

You’ll have to take precautions when making an attempt to clean your wool rug or carpet. In case you attempt to rent a steam cleaner at your local food market, you can cause damage and possibly ruin your wool rugs or carpets. Look for the advice of a professional. Low-cost carpet cleaners found online giving huge savings may not have the expertise to get the job done properly. If the cleaners use high PH cleaning product they could:

1. Chemically burning the fibres

2. Take colour out of wool fibres

Seek the services of an expert who understands Oriental Wool area rugs such as Iranian, Chinese and Persian. With Nu-Life Cleaning Services they are Fibre Care Specialists. Our service guarantees that will give you special care for your wool carpets and not deterioration them. Check out their reviews.

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