Kitchen hood exhaust systems for Restaurants and cleaning

The kitchen ventilation system is really as significant to the safety and functioning of a commercial kitchen as the cooking appliances. The ventilation system preserves a balance between air that is taken out and fresh air that is returned to the kitchen. Additionally, it offers built-in fire suppression functionality that assures the safety of everyone in the work environment.

The operation of ventilating a commercial kitchen is complex. Air has got to move through ductwork swiftly and effectively. The location of venting equipment requires considerate consideration because most industrial kitchens would not have space.

The functionality of any kitchen ventilation system is to clear away contaminants in the air by pulling them out through an exhaust fan. Just after contaminants are removed from the kitchen, fresh air from outside flows back inside.

The critical parts of the exhaust system include:

– Exhaust hood
– Ductwork
– The fan

In order to make sure that your system is not at risk for a grease fire, you’ve got to make sure that you clean your kitchen hood exhaust system to fire code standards. To get in compliance with your health departments, insurance company, fire inspectors, your exhaust system must be regularly inspected and cleaned.

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