Prevent Damaging Your Carpets With Stain Removal Detergents

Now and again incidents happen and you may get a stain in your carpet.

Many people are “do it yourselfer’s” who will get a carpet cleaning or stain removal solution and try to remove it as promptly as possible.   What some people don’t know is that the sensational stain removing product can contain a very harsh chemical that could ruin it.  There are only two important issues with these types of supermarket products.


Colour loss

Caused by the harsh dynamics of the cleaning product, it can be quick in fading the colour. Once this is done the colour loss is permanent and is basically ruined.

Dirt attracting residues

Almost all of these cleaners are detergent based and commonly foamy. Considering that you’re not removing this from the carpet it will make the spot attract dust which will get darker over time.

When you have attempted to remove the stain and noticed you screwed up, you might call an expert to try and remove the stain. Regrettably,  you already set the stain which means that the stain structure has been altered by the wrong chemical ingredient applied to it.  We would suggest that just before trying to take away the stains by yourself, call a professional carpet cleaning company first. They could have success removing the stains without damage to the carpet.


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