Tips on how to power wash your deck

Cleaning your deck is crucial to remove mildew, mold and dirt that gets trapped in the wood of your deck. The best way to get the job done correctly is by utilizing a pressure washer. It’s best to clean your deck on a yearly basis, but depending on how much deterioration there is certainly chances are you’ll need to completely clean it more regularly.

Follow these helpful recommendations for cleaning the deck without harm.

  1. Start pressure washer away from wood
  2. Wear protective gear
  3. Never spray straight down onto the wood
  4. Check your cleaning solution’s instructions and safety guidelines before using
  5. Work with a gentle sweeping movement backwards and forwards
  6. Hold 12 inches away from the top of deck
  7. Work from the within out
  8. Allow a day to dry

Express Caution: You will ruin your deck if you aren’t careful. This may end up costing you more than it’s worth. Consider finding a professional like Nu Life Cleaning Services. They provide a 100% satisfaction warranty.

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