Ways to Keep Your Upholstery Clean

We suggest that on all upholstered and leather furniture that you remove spots and stains promptly. Upholstery isn’t as stain resistant as carpet. It certainly is a good idea to apply fabric protection for most effective stain resistance. The majority of upholstered fabrics and leathers are not stain resistant and need protectant applied often. Don’t allow dyes to come in contact with upholstery. We recommend that you clean light coloured upholstery at least every other year. When you wait until it looks grimy, some damage may already be done.

Spot Removal Tips for Upholstery

Always start with a pre-test. Uncover an inconspicuous area on the upholstery just before attempting spot removal. Allow for the pre-tested area to dry. If you happen to see that discolouration or shrinkage occurred, do not use the product.

Upholstery Cleaning Steps:
1. Pre-test
2. Remove excess grime with wet vacuum.
3. Apply the spotter to a clean cloth.
4. Gently blot.

In case you are not able to remove the stain, call Nu-Life Cleaning Servers A.S.A.P. Do not wait.
Our company specializes in stain and odour removal. We have the professional tools to get the job done right.