How not to get scammed

Daily customers are tempted by cleaning company specials. Quite often they find themselves victims of bait-and-switch advertising. Quite often these advertised specials have specific conditions, either written or not stated at all. Bait-and-switch techniques are standard in many industries, specifically with in the carpet cleaning industry. Being ripped off leaves our the carpet cleaning industry […]

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When Will I need to Clean My Carpets?

There is different things to consider when determining how frequently you should have your carpets professionally cleaned. Nu-Life Cleaning highly recommends cleaning your carpets routinely to keep your floor coverings looking decent. Deep cleaning will take away abrasive dirt particles that ruin the fibres, cause premature wear and reduce the life of your floor coverings. […]

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Ways to Keep Your Upholstery Clean

We suggest that on all upholstered and leather furniture that you remove spots and stains promptly. Upholstery isn’t as stain resistant as carpet. It certainly is a good idea to apply fabric protection for most effective stain resistance. The majority of upholstered fabrics and leathers are not stain resistant and need protectant applied often. Don’t […]

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